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15-pound Light & Fluffy Brand Carton

Consumer Products

We offer "Grocery Store" style potato product selections to our consumers. Our most popular consumer product is our 15-pound carton of premium Idaho russet potatoes. Consider your advantage of receiving fresh potatoes that have not seen prolonged exposure to light. The secret to our great tasting potatoes is to keep them in the dark. Did you know that potatoes will change their taste within 24 hours of exposure to light? Our next most important advantage is that our potatoes are triple washed. We use high concentrations of OZONE in our water to kill surface bacteria. Next, our potatoes are exposed to a UV Light treatment to finish killing any possible surviving surface bacteria.

Retail Grocery

Nature's Light Potatoes Grocery Store Potato Display

We sell our "Nature's Light" brand potatoes to grocery store chains and independent grocery stores. We offer support to grocery store managers in point-of-sale merchandising material, design ideas, and cover cloths.

We provide an array of potato products including various sizes of poly bags and mesh bags, standard 50-pound cartons of 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, and 120 count US #1 Idaho russet potatoes.

We ship to your regional warehouse or load your trucks as required by your re-stocking needs.

Food Distributors

We supply popular 50-pound cartons in various count sizes, poly bags, US #2 in 50-pound mesh and paper bags, and special sizing for specific orders for wholesale distribution throughout the continental United States. Potatoes are provided on pallets of 42 cartons and 50 cartons. Standard refrigerated trucks will be loaded with 17 pallets or 22 pallets depending on weight limitations.


Longhorn Steakhouse

We have what professional chefs want! We sell direct to restaurant chains and ship according to regional warehouses or contracted distributors. Portion Control Fresh offers specific sizing for those restaurant chains who contract with us. Specific and consistant sizing is an important aspect of restaurant management.

Consistant sizing promotes consistant cooking times, plate presentation, customer expectations, and avoids unnessary product loss as a result of over or under cooking.

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