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Baby Gourmet Potatoes


Potatoes are a marvel. Not exactly Mother Nature's most beautiful creation, but maybe one of her finest. Potatoes are perfect... no fat, no cholesterol, high fiber, high carbohydrates, and wonderfully filling. They have a spendid natural flavor of their own, and yet that flavor is so subtle that they enhance the flavor of everything that goes with them. so when someone says to you that a potato just tastes like sour cream and chives... they are right. But they also taste like cheese, salsa, butter, or anything else you put ontop of them. There is literally nothing else like the remarkable potato.


Portion Control Fresh Baby Gourmet Russet Potatoes are the latest innovation from the Walker Family. We have seen a need to offer something new to our customers that will allow for more creativity with the quality and originality you expect from us. We happily bring you Baby Gourmet Potatoes. Let your imagination do the rest.


Potatoes are not fattening. On the contrary, potatoes are filling without being fattening They are high in complex carbohydrates, high in fiber, have little salt, no fat, and deliver more potassium than a banana. The skin is especially rich in minerals so all the recipes listed here include the skin.


Portion Control Fresh brand potatoes possess a distinctive taste and crystalline texture thanks to mineral rich volcanic soil, sparkling water, clear blue mountain skies, and a carefully monitored growing program. Combined with warm summer days and crisp nights, Portion Control Fresh brand Idaho potatoes have become Idaho's Only Extra Premium Potato.


Potatoes are so versatile that they can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. They could be served every day for months and never be eaten the same way twice. They can be eaten as a main course, side dish, salad, soup, or snack.


Uneven portions on similar plates can be a real problem. Uneven sizes means overcooking or undercooking of potatoes. Red potatoes are notorious for a vast range of sizes. Portion Control Fresh Baby Gourmet Potatoes are sized to 1 ounce tolerances. This alleviates many of the problems associated with potatoes currently on the market. Portion control increases satisfaction by lowering cook times, increasing hold times, lowering energy costs and broadening the horizons of creativity in cooking. With Portion Control we take the guesswork out of the equation.


The "holding time" on Baby Gourmet Potatoes and larger sizes is lengthened due to tighter cell structure and the amount of protective skin cover. Holding times will vary depending on the way potatoes are prepared. A light coating of oil on the potato before baking will increase hold time.


These recipes have been assembled to get you started and get your creative juices flowing. The possibilities are endless. Many of these recipes accentuate the Fat Free advantage of potatoes. We have left the skins on the potatoes in all our dishes. It is a more convenient, tastier, and healthier way to prepare Portion Control Fresh Baby Gourmet Potatoes. Enjoy!

Recipe Table of Contents

  1. Baby Gourmet Fondue
  2. Baby Gourmet Bakers
  3. Quick Gourmet Baby Beef Stew
  4. Baby Gourmet Potatoes and Cavier
  5. Shake & Bake Gourmet Baby Potatoes
  6. Gourmet Baby Potato Tacos
  7. German Hot Baby Potato Salad
  8. Baby Potato, Pork and Apple Salad
  9. Baby Potato and Swiss Cheese Salad
  10. Savory Boiled Baby Gourmet Potatoes
  11. Lipton Soup Oven Roasted Potatoes
  12. Baby Gourmet Potato Salad
  13. Non-Fat Baby Gourmet Hashbrowns
  14. Baby Gourmet Potato Spring Vegetable Casserole
  15. Baby Gourmet Potatoes with Apples and Bacon
  16. Oven Roasted Baby Gourmet Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary
  17. Boiled Baby Gourmet Potato and Carrots
  18. Baby Gourmet Parmesan Potatoes
  19. Baby Gourmet Steak a Bobs
  20. Baby Gourmet Potato Pesto
  21. Russets and Reds Parsley Potatoes
  22. Potatoes and Skewered Beef with Peanut Sauce
  23. Gourmet Baby and Corn Chowder
  24. Baby Potato and Meatball Soup
  25. Baby Gourmet Potato and Mushroom Soup
  26. Cream Peas and Baby Potatoes
  27. Gourmet Potato and Avocado Soup
  28. Cook Times and Nutritional Information Guide
Baking Instructions

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