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Portion Control Fresh provides premium Idaho potatoes for ON-LINE BUYING and direct shipping to your door. Our tasty potatoes are the best utility potato for baking, roasting, mashing, frying, and boiling. So many ways to prepare our Idaho russets potatoes - like: cubing, slicing, dicing, wedging, and shreding.

Just look at the many ways our potatoes can be prepared for making popular fries: Regular cut french fries, Crinkle cut fries, Waffle fries, potato Wedges, Texas fries, Ranch fries, Matchstick fries, String fries, Steak fries, Curly fries, Cottage fries, Chip Shop fries, Oven fries, Bistro fries, Boardwalk fries Tornado fries, Seasoned fries, Garlic fries, Chili Cheese fries, Cheese fries, Home fries, Carne Asada fries, Patatje Oorlog, Poutrine, Patatas Bravas, Tator Tots, Home Style Chips, Animal style fries and Truffle fries. How's that for a great utility potato?

Portion Control Fresh, LLC provides premium Idaho potatoes for online buying and direct shipping to your door. Our tasty potatoes are best overall for baking, mashing, frying, cubing, boiling, and roasting. Listed below are a few ways to make popular fried potatoes: Regular cut fries, crinkle cut fries, waffle fries, potato wedges, home fries, Texas fries, ranch fries, matchstick fries, string fries, steak fries, curly fries, cottage fries, chip shop fries, oven fries, bistro fries, boardwalk fries, tornado fries, seasoned fries, garlic fries, chili cheese fries, cheese fries, skins, carne asada fries, Patatje Oorlog, Poutine, Patatas Bravas, tator tots, home style chips, animal style fries and truffle fries. How's that for a great utility potatoe?

The Walker Brothers have continued their family's "potato farming" tradition. They have modernized their farming techniques, updated their storage facilities for temperature, light, and humidity constants.

Finally, they have upgraded their fresh packing facilities with new technological breakthroughs to offer specific sizing of their premium Idaho russet potatoes.

Walker Brothers Picture

Young Walker Brothers at end of another potato harvest.

Proficiency of Portion Control Fresh

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We provide precision sizing and deliver high quality potatoes to customers who are focused on increasing quality and profits simultaneously.

We are always working with our customers to tailor our potato products to meet their individual requirements.

Over the years, many of our customers have requested us to reduce the wide range of standard packing of potato sizes and narrow the size range to just 2 or 3 sizes in their cartons. Back then, this process could only be done by very laborious time consuming hand sorting.

Meanwhile, we consider their potato costs while competing with annual market price variances.

Potatoes are what we are all about... Potatoes are what we do.

Let's Compare Standard Fresh Potato Packing vs. PCF Portion Control Packing

Compare 80 Count with PCF

Understanding Standard Fresh Packing Variance

Five Ounce Variance Photo

Industry Standard Idaho Fresh Potato Packing allows for multiple ounce size variances in producing cartons. These 'proportion variances' ranges from 5 to 8 different sizes.

These cartons are packed in "COUNT" sizes that determine approximate number of average potatoes per carton. With Standard Packing, there are no guarantees of specific size quantities packed in each carton.

Our 'Portion Control Fresh' potato packing and sorting process is as simple as you deciding what ounce size of potato works best for your culinary needs.

Each potato serving will weigh within that groups ounce size range in tenths of an ounce (give or take 3/10ths of an ounce tolerance up or down.) You also have the choice of asking for multiple similar sizes in your cartons.

Portion Control Potatoes Explained

Portion Control Explained

Our Fresh Packing Process

Pure Rocky Mountain Water


We begin with a standard power scrub to wash away all the dirt and debris clinging to the potatoes that were left over from harvest.

Next we 2bathe our potatoes in our pure Rocky Mountain water cleanse. Then we 3wash our potatoes again with Tri-oxygenated (ozone) water.

Immediately thereafter, we do a final cleanse using Ultra Violet light.

PCF potatoes are cleansed with these powerful, natural non-residual, anti-bacterial washes that kill the presence of bacteria, viruses, and mold infections.

Finally, we sort our PCF potatoes within a single-ounce tolerance and pack them in each ounce size range beginning with our small creamers to 16 oz. plus sizes.

Ozone from Lightning

Food Safety - Our Potato Packing and Shipping Priority!

Portion Control Fresh strongly believes in quality of product and thorough cleanliness before packing and delivering our famous Idaho potatoes.

You can count on PCF potatoes being shipped as some of the MOST CLEANSED potatoes that few others offer in the industry.

Triple-Wash is just another added value that virtually no one else offers in this way. We take great pride in our Fresh Potato Packing Process.

And best of all - PCF offers an Unparalleled Fresh Produce Guarantee! We guarantee every potato received upon delivery in the carton to be 100% useable.

Scrubbed, Washed & Purified, PCF Offers the Cleanest & Most Sanitized Potatoes!

Few if any bacteria can survive UV LIGHT and OZONE on our famous Idaho potatoes.

Portion Control Fresh Individual Potato Product Size Chart

Note: Potato graphics depicted below may not represent actual potato size!

Potato Size Range 1-10oz Potato Size Range 11-16oz

Now You Can Choose Your Favorite Size of Idaho's Best Premium "Portion Controlled" Sized Potatoes

Can you imagine how great it would be to receive all the same size potatoes in your box?

Well we can do that!

'WE' Control Your Portions - So 'YOU' Can Control Your Costs!tm